Build Your Own Budget 

The Ultimate DIY Financial Planning Course for Entrepreneurs

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A Freedom Plan for Every Budget

In this course, Danielle Hayden, CEO of Kickstart Accounting, breaks down financial planning that creates more freedom, less restriction, and empowers you to reach your big goals!

Forget the traditional constraints – this course makes it possible to plan your finances at any time of the year, aligning with your unique business needs.

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What's Included in BYOB?

Expert Training Modules 
Expert Lessons with Danielle Hayden

Customizable Budget Template
Track expenses, payroll, projected growth, and more!

Step-By-Step Walkthrough
Maximize your one-of-a-kind budget template

Lifetime Access 
Learn at your own pace. Revisit the course anytime, anywhere.

Done-For-You Budgets Start at $750
Learn how to create your own budget for only $97!

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Financial Freedom

Understand your budget and determine what your business needs to support your financial goals. Danielle guides you through making strategic decisions on debt, owner's draws, and expenses.

Personalized Approach

Take control with the Healthy Spending Percentages tool. From marketing to payroll and facility costs, this tool ensures healthy spending, promoting sustainable and profitable business practices.

Long-term Success

Building a budget is just the beginning. With ongoing monitoring and adjustment, your budget will become the ultimate decision-making tool for long term profitability and success.

Meet Danielle Hayden

CEO & Founder, Kickstart Accounting Inc.

As a Chief Financial Officer for over 10 years, Danielle loved accounting but felt like something was missing while just helping investors and board of directors of large companies.

That’s when she realized her thrill for helping entrepreneurs, especially women, who were breaking the rules of business in order to create something amazing – something the rest of the world didn’t expect them to do. Danielle left corporate accounting and formed Kickstart Accounting, Inc; an accounting firm designed to help female entrepreneurs understand their financials in order to grow their businesses and become more profitable.

Since then she has realized entrepreneurs need more than just a bookkeeper; they need real financial analysis and education in order to get the confidence required to create the sustainable wealth they deserve.

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