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The ultimate program for CEOs, take back control of your finances and have a complete understanding of the numbers… all while boosting your profits!


Learn How To Overcome Your Money Mindset And Break Free From Limiting Financial Beliefs!


Want to make the best possible business decisions?

Want to understand the numbers and the story they are telling you?

Want to grow your business and boost your profits?

If the answer is YES I WANT TO then you need to join the Finance Framework Program!

In this program, you will better understand your business numbers while boosting your bookkeeping skills.

You will also develop elite decision-making skills, knowledge like the most experienced CEOs hold, along with the tools and resources to take your business to the next level!

Normally $1,999

Join Today For: $750

YES, I Want To Join The Program
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Here's what you get when you join the Finance Framework program…

✔︎ The fundamentals of business financing

✔︎  In-depth look at your balance sheet

✔︎ Continuous support throughout the program

✔︎ Unlimited access to invaluable downloadable resources

✔︎ Guides and worksheets

✔︎ Secrets only the most advanced accountants know

✔︎ 12 weeks worth of life-changing content and coaching

If you are serious about getting your finances in check, want to get the most out of your business, and ready to develop a new relationship with money then THIS IS FOR YOU!


Want to know what the 12 week program outlines?

🗓️ Week 1: Reflect & Connect

🗓️ Week 2: Success on Your Terms: Defining Your Own Path

🗓️ Week 3: Money Mindset Makeover

🗓️ Week 4: System Smarts: All About Systems for Small Business Owners

🗓️ Week 5: Back to the Basics

🗓️ Week 6: Numbers Don't Lie: What to Look at When Reviewing Your Finances


🗓️ Week 7: Cash is King: All About Income Statements for Small Business Owners

🗓️ Week 8: Expense Management Mastery: Operations Expenses

🗓️ Week 9: Clarity Break

🗓️ Week 10: Building Your Dream Team

🗓️ Week 11: Measuring Success: Key Performance Indicators

🗓️ Week 12: Cash Planning Pro

I Want To Take My Business To The Next Level With Clear Financial Decision Making

About The Program Director: Danielle Hayden

Also known as the host of the Entrepreneur Money Stories podcastnamed one of the top 5 podcasts for entrepreneurs in 2023!

"After founding my accounting firm in 2014, I embarked on a journey to help business owners transform their money mindset through bookkeeping and financial analysis, which I am still on today. It's a mission that has given me the opportunity to support my two children and meet some amazing & inspiring business owners.  

As a CEO, I know about all the highs (and lows) that come with scaling a business, I know it can be tough! But that's why I am here to help you…

Ready to go back to the beginning and develop a full understanding of your business which in turn will help you boost your profits?  

Meet me inside the Finance Framework Program and I'll show you how.

What's holding you back?

Understand the numbers and the story they are trying to tell you and you will understand how you can put your business on track for more growth than ever before!

Ready to get started…

Normally $1,999

Join Today For: $750

YES, I Want To Join The Program

A small investment for a life-changing program!

By spending only $750 you get 12 weeks worth of content that will alter the trajectory of your business. Not only that but you can have unlimited access to spreadsheets and downloadable resources that will help you understand your finances. Did we mention that you also get support from expert accountants?

Your business is too important to pass up on this deal!

Before the program

☒ Confused about finances

☒ Don't entirely understand your businesses numbers

☒ Making purely gut decisions

☒ Confusing bookkeeping management

After the program

✓ Finances are clear

✓ Understanding of the businesses numbers and what they mean

✓ Making gut decisions based on numbers

✓ Bookkeeping that makes sense


Why Should I Join?

Reason #1

It's your business! You’ve worked hard to be where you are right now. Why not do everything absolutely possible to make your business all that it could possibly be? This program can take your business to the next level financially. 

Reason #2

Decision making… most business owners go off of their gut feeling which is totally fine. But when you have numbers to examine before deciding on anything you can make the best decisions with more confidence. This program will help you understand the numbers and make more informed decisions.

Reason #3

Every day you wait you miss out on opportunity. Every day is a new day which means every day is a new day to improve your business. Why not make today that day?

Reason #4

It's a small investment considering the discount we are offering plus its important to remember this program will end up saving you tons of money as well as boosting your profits. You have to spend money to make money sometimes and this small investment will be well worth it.